The investigative arm of the Republican-controlled Congress determined that former Medicare administrator Thomas Scully should repay his salary for having cooked the books on cost estimates for the Bush administration's giveaway to insurance and drug companies.

The Bush administration reverted to its tried and true tactics of lying and stonewalling, once again making the case that it can only rule by misleading.

The Associated Press reported last year that Thomas Scully, the Medicare chief until December, threatened to fire chief Medicare actuary Richard Foster to prevent him from giving the information to lawmakers. ...

The administration has adamantly refused to release Foster's estimates, even since the law's enactment in December. House Democrats have sued for the documents in federal court. The Associated Press, which sought the same materials under the Freedom of Information Act, received 13 pages that had previously been made public.

The administration withheld another 150 pages that HHS acknowledged are responsive to the AP's request.

Wrong on the economy. Wrong on WMD. Wrong on Medicare.


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