It isn't enough that states like Florida have systems in place to bring about another possible theft of the election. Now, the Defense Department is getting into the business of collecting votes via non-secure e-mail.

States a New York Times editorial:

Earlier this year the Defense Department scrapped a pilot program to allow the military to vote over the Internet, after concluding that it could not 'assure the legitimacy of votes' cast online.

There is more cause for concern after the ballots arrive at the Pentagon. E-mail voters will be required to sign a release acknowledging that their votes may not be kept secret. When the people handling ballots know who they are cast for, it is not hard to imagine that ballots for disfavored candidates could accidentally be "lost." And because the e-mailed ballots arrive as computer documents, it is possible to cut off the voter's digitized signature, attach it to a ballot supporting another candidate, and send that ballot on to the state to be counted.

Military dictatorships in Third-World can only dream of possessing the vote-fixing prowess of Diebold, Bush operatives and other Republican cronies.

For now.

Never mind Osama, where's the outrage?


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