A day after saying the so-called war on terror couldn't be won, our illiterate deserter-in-chief now does a 180-degree turn, telling a group of real veterans: "We may never sit down at a peace table, but make no mistake about it, we are winning and we will win."

Kerry spokesman Phil Singer weighed in.

"The president has gone from mission accomplished to mission miscalculated to mission impossible on the war on terror," Singer said. "George Bush might be able to read a speech saying we can win the war on terror, but as we saw (Monday), he's clearly got real doubts about his ability to do so, and with good reason."

Thankfully, McCain understands Bushisms.

"What he meant was, we're never going to have a peace signing on the Missouri, we're never going to have a signing at Panmunjom," he said.

Bush himself said in a radio interview with talk show host Rush Limbaugh, "I probably needed to be more articulate."

That's a start.


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