The New York Observer points out that dim-witted Jessica Simpson and white-trash rapper Kid Rock support the re-appointment of Bush.

Neither is surprising.

I don't listen to either of them, mostly because I find them and their music unimaginative and boorish, appealing more to the aural palattes of 12-year-olds than those with high school diplomas.

Simpson, if you recall, didn't know whether Chicken of the Sea was poultry or fish and during a Washington, D.C., reception told Interior Secretary Gale Norton, "You've done a nice job decorating the White House."

The Observer also provides us the public service of quoting some Kid Rock lyrics, the least offensive of which are included below.

Well guess who’s back, with a big fat cock
It’s the kid motherfucker with the classic rock
Like wax that booty, yodeleyeho, punk
Slappin you hoes with dick when I get drunk.

From Alabama to Texarkana
Bend over bitch and let me slam her ….
Playin shows, fuckin hoes
Got the dope in my veins and up my nose.

Yep, it sure does sound like Dubya's kinda man.


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