In a message most protesters at the RNC likely missed, perhaps because those who can afford HBO won't throw down, talk show host Bill Maher issues a challenge.

You can't claim you're for peace unless you're willing to disturb it. ...

Therefore, tonight, I am urging all the protesters in New York next week to riot! I'm talking about good old-fashioned rioting, the kind that made whitey move to the suburbs. Look, protester, you spent two weeks making that papier-mâché Dick Cheney mask. Now light it on fire and torch the nearest GAP store. Two lesbians with a "Lick Bush" sign is not going to make the "Nightly News." Pick up a garbage can and throw it through a Starbucks window! I don't want to see a candlelight vigil. This is New York; there's a body count at Simon and Garfunkel concerts.

If anything with Trump written on it is standing after September 3rd, you're a bunch of pussies who aren't worth the hemp in your Timberland shoes.

[Thanks to D.C. for forwarding this item.]


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