Don't believe for a second the RNC's misleading attempts at projecting a warm, fuzzy feeling. The reactionary, regressive, right-wing extremist agenda seeps out when the cameras are turned off.

Demonization is its tried and true tactic. The opening invocation on Wednesday morning compared gay rights to Nazism, but you likely won't hear it in the mainstream media. What you will hear is frightening enough. Witness this AP report:

... Sen. Sam Brownback of Kansas told an invitation-only Bush rally for Christian conservatives, "We must win this cultural war." He offered an agenda strikingly different from anything voters will hear from the convention platform, including a proposed requirement that pregnant women considering abortions be offered anesthesia for their fetuses. ...

The cultural clash extends beyond New York's borders this week — to Oklahoma, where Republican Senate candidate Tom Coburn called his race against Rep. Brad Carson "a battle for the culture of America" and "the battle of good vs. evil."

Alan Keyes, the Neanderthalist who failed to capture the Republican nomination in 1996 and 2000, said homosexuality was "selfish hedonism" and called the vice president's lesbian daughter, Mary Cheney, a sinner.

Ridiculousness in the Republican Party knows no bounds.

"The left wing hates George Bush the most because he believes in God," said Youngstown Mayor George McKelvey, a conservative Democrat who drew applause from Ohio delegates. ...

"The key to a richer culture is strong families, and the key to strong families is strong marriages," said Rep. Rick Santorum. Pretty tame for a lawmaker who once compared homosexual acts to bigamy and incest.

You can paint a turd pink, but that doesn't make it Dick Cheney.


Blogger Sean said...

Sherri Dew's invocation is horrible - but I can't find a transcript anywhere. Do you know where I can find one? CNN.com doesn't even reference this speech.

September 2, 2004 at 1:33 PM  

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