Bush, who has yet to fully account for his desertion of duty from the Air National Guard during the 1970s, will take another hit, if Texans for Truth have anything to say about it.

MoveOn has joined the fight to raise money to run a new ad seeking a real explanation.

The ad features Robert Mintz, who served in Alabama's 187th Air National Guard when Bush claims to have been there. In the ad, Robert Mintz says simply and powerfully that

"I heard George Bush get up and say 'I served in the 187th Air National Guard in Montgomery Alabama.' Really? That was my unit. And I don't remember seeing you there. So I called friends. 'Did you know that George served in our unit?' 'Naw. I never saw him there.' It would be impossible to be unseen in a unit of that size."

Recently, the AP again sought Bush's missing records.

Challenging the government's declaration that no more documents exist, the AP identified five categories of records that should have been generated after Mr. Bush skipped his pilot's physical and missed five months of training.


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