The beginning signs of a reactionary, regressive, right-wing machinery in action came in the form of two stories I happened to see today, though I can't even say I've been watching that closely.

First, AP writes, "Federal officials Tuesday backed away from the findings of two major studies on birth control pills, saying the research was flawed and that a new analysis shows there is no evidence that oral contraceptives cut the risk of heart disease."

So, if you use birth control, the overture goes, you will die. In light of all the lack of oversight for which the FDA has been called out on the mat, it's suspicious how they're suddenly enlightened as to what's best for the public.


The next sign of ideology's value over evidence in this administration comes in this story, also from AP:

Study: Married Adults Healthier Than Most

WASHINGTON (AP) - Married people are healthier than other adults, other than a tendency for husbands to pack on some extra pounds, says the National Center for Health Statistics.

The center's report on Wednesday, based on a survey of more than 125,000 people, didn't specify reasons.

So, let's see: The U.S. government is funding a study with your tax dollars that asked people whether they're healthy or not, but come to no conclusions. Instead, a "health statistician" known as Charlotte Schoenborn expounds on theories about why this may be.

Except, dear Charlotte, correlation does not equal causation.

Don't believe it.


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