It came as news to me that Armed Forces Radio carries the drug-addled ramblings of ultraconservative commentator Rush Limbaugh for our troops overseas, using taxpayer funds, without any balance in political viewpoint.

Limbaugh has said abuse at now-infamous Abu Ghraib prison was "no different than what happens at the Skull and Bones initiation" at Yale. As if Ivy Leaguers sodomized each other with broomsticks and "waterboarded" underclassmen.

A spokesman-apologist for the taxpayer-funded radio network said it carries Limbaugh's show because it's highly rated, yet doesn't give airtime to shock jock Howard Stern, who has declared a "radio jihad" against the "arrogant bastard" in the White House, Salon.com reported.

Adds, Salon.com:

Other critics of the network wonder if it's proper for the Pentagon to broadcast Limbaugh when he's calling John Kerry a skirt chaser, labeling female activists Nazis and telling servicemen and -women "what's good for al-Qaida is good for the Democratic Party in this country today."

Media Maters for America has launched a petition to oust Limbaugh, which you can sign by clicking here. Good riddance.


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