An AP story relates:

The Bush administration has told officials who oversee federal education, domestic security, veterans and other programs to prepare preliminary 2006 budgets that would cut spending after the presidential election, according to White House documents.

I'm thinking: How ELSE would taxpayers be able to line the pockets of Bush, Cheney and the bin Laden family's cronies at Halliburton, Bechtel and the Carlyle Group if not for drastic cuts in domestic spending (i.e., the birthplace of democracy).

But this classic post, by a user known as itsallgoofy on Yahoo! Message Boards, encapsulated the situation succinctly.

2005 budget FLIP
2006 budget FLOP

Touts education FLIP
Cuts education FLOP

Touts supporting our troops FLIP
Cuts veteran spending FLOP

Won't negotiate with terrorists FLIP
Negotiates for Najaf FLOP

Refuses to tear down prison FLIP
Insists on tearing down prison FLOP

Refuses to testify before 9/11 commission FLIP
Testifies before 9/11 commission FLOP

Refuses to set up 9/11 commission FLIP
Appoints commission FLOP

Refuses to budget for commission FLIP
Budgets for commission FLOP

Refuses to let Rice testify FLIP
Lets Rice testify FLOP

Freezes out UN in Iraq FLIP
Calls for UN involvement FLOP

Says No to Iraq contracts for France FLIP
Says there's room for France FLOP

And this is a guy the GOP claims has convictions.

Oh, he does.

For drunk-driving.


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