National security adviser Condoleezza Rice, one of the architects of the Bush adminstration's post Sept. 11 plans and chief propagandist, still refuses to testify publicly in front of a federal panel. Instead, she concentrates her vitriol on former Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, Bush II anti-terrorism adviser Richard Clark, who in damning testimony, admitted failures on the government's part in protecting Americans from attacks.

All she could say is, "He needs to get his story straight," while outing him as the official who put a positive spin on Bush's policy for reporters in 2002.

The New York Times writes:

In addition, even some Republicans questioned the wisdom of the White House involving itself in such a public and muscular campaign to discredit a critic who was, by his account, a Republican who served in Mr. Bush's own administration.

"While it was their intent to undermine Clark's credibility, it will be interesting to see if their credibility now comes into question more than his," said Don Sipple, a Republican consultant. "I saw the parade of the victim's families on the morning shows who all applauded him. He was the first person who took any responsibility. What that does is underscore his perception as a truth teller. I think the American people are paying attention to this episode."

Furthermore, it is the height of hypocrisy to have Rice giving TV interviews to spread the administration's propaganda -- and make herself look good -- while refusing to testify UNDER OATH about lapses in the government's role to foresee the attacks.

If Rice were part of a Democratic administration, she'd have had her head handed to her on a stick by now.


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