The words "retro vs. metro" sound more descriptive of fashion styles than our current political landscape and some frightening realities laid out in the new book, "The Great Divide: Retro Vs. Metro America."

Briefly, retro states are considered those with old-world economies, such as mining and agriculture, while metro states are those boasting financial services and new-world economies.

Consider the following:

Between 1991 and 2000, the 25 states that make up Retro America received $800 billion more in federal payments than they paid in federal taxes. Much of this unfair transfer of wealth from the Metro states was delivered via subsidies to the extraction industries-agriculture, mining, timber, oil, etc. So, who's the real “welfare queen,” if not Retro America?

The book touches on several aspects explaining the growing influence by regressive and reactionary right-wing extremists. One frightening example comes from the Texas Republican Party platform from 2000.

  • Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are gifts of God.

  • Nullify the separation of church and state.

  • Oppose EPA control of Texas air quality.

  • Repeal the minimum-wage law.

  • Oppose the decriminalization of sodomy.

  • Teachers encouraged to teach Creationism, not Darwinian evolutionary theory or a scientific worldview.

  • Scared yet?


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