In a story that calls into question the impartiality of at least one Supreme Court member, albeit the most conservative, partisan one, a Los Angeles Times story details how chummy Justice Antonin Scalia and Vice President Dick Cheney are.

At the basic level, Cheney and Scalia went duck hunting together — nothing wrong there. The problem is that Scalia will be hearing a case in the Bush administration wants the Supremes to throw out a lower court ruling forcing Cheney to turn over documents related to secret meetings with energy industry officials.

The Times writes: "Two military Black Hawk helicopters were brought in and hovered nearby as Cheney and Scalia were whisked away in a heavily guarded motorcade to a secluded, private hunting camp owned by an oil industry businessman."

"Federal law says that 'any justice or judge shall disqualify himself in any proceeding in which his impartiality might be questioned.'

"When asked about the trip last month, Scalia confirmed that he had gone duck hunting with Cheney, but said he did not see a need to withdraw from the case.

"This week, the justice was asked whether he had traveled to south Louisiana as Cheney's guest or paid for the trip. He refused to comment."

Does that sound like a separation of powers? Not likely, unless it's rabbit season.


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