Quotes from Margaret Cho's performance at a recent MoveOn.org event taken out of context ended up on Matt Drudge's site, sparking a flood of hate mail to the popular comedian.

American Politics Journal has printed several of the mesages, complete with senders' e-mail addresses, in a feature titled "Cro-Magnon Mail!"

One reader named "Kevin" later wrote back to apologize, saying he had been misled by the selective quotes on the Drudge site, saying, in part, "My remarks were a knee-jerk response to comments that appeared on Matt Drudge's website. I have since apologized to Karen but did not keep that email. I believe my follow up was posted on her website. If Ms. Cho's satirical stand up act was really 20 minutes long and only a couple of minutes of the most inflamatory remarks were published, then it appears that there was an attempt to elicit hatred and anger towards Margaret Cho."

Hope springs eternal.


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