A Washington Post story examines documents from Iraq's plans to develop weapons of mass destruction.

"A review of available evidence, including some not known to coalition investigators and some they have not made public, portrays a nonconventional arms establishment that was far less capable than U.S. analysts judged before the war," the article states.

Documents included in the Post's online story include loose-leaf drawings of rockets pulled from a spiral notebook.

For this, apparently, we have incurred a cost to taxpayers of an estimated $1 billion a week in military expenditures (now approximately $30 billion and counting), an initial $87 billion to "rebuild" Iraq at the hands of Cheney cronies at Halliburton and former Reagan-Bush lackeys at Bechtel (with its own $1 billion contract in Iraq); a demoralized, underpaid army undertrained for guerrilla warfare who faces a rising death toll that stood at 478 on Jan. 1 (two-thirds of whom were in their 20s).

But at least we have those dangerous drawings.


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