Nicholas Kristof leaves no doubt that what is going on in Sudan's Darfur region is genocide, pure and simple.

Four photographs, a rarity on the New York Times op-ed page, show the horrific toll militias have taken indiscriminantly innocent women, children and men:

Last is the skeleton of a man or woman whose wrists are still bound. The attackers pulled the person's clothes down to the knees, presumably so the victim could be sexually abused before being killed. If the victim was a man, he was probably castrated; if a woman, she was probably raped.

There are thousands more of these photos. Many of them show attacks on children and are too horrific for a newspaper. ...

Web sites like www.darfurgenocide.org and www.savedarfur.org are trying to galvanize Americans, but the response has been pathetic.

Where are our collective consciences?


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