The petulant misleader-in-chief stormed off stage instead of responding to reporters' questions about his relationship with Enron's former CEO Kenneth "Kenny Boy" Lay, who presided over one of the largest corporate shell games in history but has yet to be brought to justice (as Martha Stewart, sadly, has been).

The White House has, of course, sought to downplay Bush's cozy relationship with the one of the giants of corporate malfeasance. But scores of letters between the two, some handwritten, reveal the ease with which Lay would offer words of support over knee surgery or ask Dumbya for favors, i.e., energy deregulation:

"Your focus on opportunity and responsibility was one that I believe resonates around the country as well as in Texas. As one of those opportunities, we hope that you will again actively support efforts to pass a bill restructuring the electric industry."

Perhaps Bush walked off stage because he lacked the rumored transmitter in his ear used in the debates.

Either way, this is surely the one issue on which Bush can actually claim "Mission accomplished."


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