I had read this story last night, of a man learning his U.S. Marine son had been killed in Iraq, and I thought I would feel the same rage at paying such a price for such a senseless war. After being informed of the death of his only son, the father took his grief out on the nearest symbol of those responsible: The Marines' van.

The father then walked into the garage, picking up a propane tank, a can of gasoline and a lighting device, police Capt. Tony Rode said. He smashed the van's window, got inside and set it ablaze, despite attempts by the Marines to stop him, Rode said.

I saw the video footage on TV today, and the man also suffered burns, placed on a stretcher, twitching, by emergency workers who responded to the call.

The 20-year-old Alexander Arredondo — a boy, really — died because Bush lied. If there is a higher deity, Bush will have to answer for his actions.

Another story includes the following paragraph:

With the number of U.S. casualties expected to reach 1,000 well before the election, Bush said, "The president has to make hard decisions. My job is to confront problems not pass them on. ..."

Yeah, right, Dumbya. Just like you confronted the problem of how to get out of serving you country during Vietnam?


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