This soldier in Iraq watches a body get ripped to shreds by U.S. fire and has a normal reaction of vomiting and shaking, and for this the Army decides to charge him, originally, with cowardice, a charge that can result in the death penalty.

These folks are missing the true obscenity.

Yahoo! News - Army Dismisses Soldier Cowardice Charge: "After seeing the mangled corpse, Pogany says he began shaking and vomiting and feared for his life. Soon, Pogany says, he had trouble sleeping and started suffering what he thought were panic attacks.
Six weeks later, Pogany, 32, was charged with cowardice, a count that he said was filed after he sought counseling. Pogany denies that he acted in a cowardly way.
'What is tragic about this is the message being sent to other soldiers,' Pogany said recently. 'It's not about me.'
Cowardice violations can be punished by death. Military code does not include a minimum sentence. "


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